3 Mistakes People Make When Designing a Deck Layout

March 5th

There are lots of things to consider when designing your ultimate outdoor retreat.  A deck can be a large part of that plan – and you want to make sure you’ve taken enough time to consider all the pros and cons before you commit to such a big project. Here are three mistakes it’s best to avoid:


Not making it big enough – We know – in the city we’re often constrained by the outdoor space itself!  Nevertheless, it’s important to consider how you’ll use your deck and whether you’ll have enough space to use it as you intend to.  Do you want to eat outside? Does your table fit?  Will diners be able to get out of their chairs?

Not considering sight lines – Making a railing a little bit too tall (although you always want to make it to code), or forgetting that you can see into your neighbours ugly garage from the deck can decrease your enjoyment of your new outdoor space.  A little thought put into how you’ll use the deck and where you’ll sit helps to inform decisions about privacy screens and ideal layouts to help you use your space most comfortably.

Not considering the sun – What time of day are you most likely to sit outside?  Will you be in the sun, or in the shade? Do you want some UV protection built into your deck? May deck designs consider pergolas and sunshades or sails to protect again the full blast of the sun while still enjoying it’s warmth.

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