Is your deck well-built?

March 5th

5 ways to tell

Here are five tell-tale signs that your deck was built by a Pro:

Screws aren’t buried in the wood — Although it may seem that you want the screws in your deck to be invisible — you don’t!  Over-sunken screws allow water to gather in the screw holes and promotes accelerated rotting.

No visible cut edges — No one wants to see the remnants of sawed off wood. Any deck builder worth their salt will tuck away these edges in the design, so that the finished project is polished and neat.

Even board spacing — Well-designed and executed decks will have a uniform and appropriate board spacing between planks. A thought-out plan should avoid any unnecessary hacks to make all the boards fit.

It’s level — This goes without saying – but it can be surprising how often decks aren’t perfectly level.

Centred Pickets — Fence pickets should be centered across each side of the deck, not started at one side and ending however it works. This symmetry really affects the feel of the overall project.


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